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Kelly Menhennett - Small Dreams

Kelly Menhennett - Small Dreams

Its taken almost 4 years, 2 trips to Nashville, winning a national music award, opportunities to work with some of the best in the business, a few big swigs of red wine, plus a generous dose of hard work but Kelly is finally releasing her highly anticipated 2nd album, "Small Dreams".

On her first visit to Nashville in 2012 thanks to her Telstra Road To Discovery win, Kelly met and wrote with musician/producer Neilson Hubbard. The two got on like a house on fire and 12 months later Kelly returned to Nashville to record her album with Neilson at Mr Lemons Studio in Nashville, TN.

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  1. Lone Tree Music Sample - Lone Tree
  2. Find Your Way Music Sample - Find Your Way
  3. Stranger Things Have Happened Music Sample - Stranger Things Have Happened
  4. Heart Beat Beat Music Sample - Heart Beat Beat
  5. Cannonball Music Sample - Cannonball
  6. Kimono My Place Music Sample - Kimono My Place
  7. Back For More Music Sample - Back For More
  8. Small Dreams Music Sample - Small Dreams
  9. Another One Music Sample - Another One
  10. Figure It Out Music Sample - Figure It Out
  11. Easy Go Music Sample - Easy Go
  12. Fly Away Music Sample - Fly Away
Lone Tree
Find Your Way
Stranger Things Have Happened
Heart Beat Beat
Kimono My Place
Back For More
Small Dreams
Another One
Figure It Out
Easy Go
Fly Away

Kelly Menhennett - World of Mine

Kelly Menhennett - World of Mine

World of Mine is Kelly's highly anticipated debut album. 11 of her own supurbly crafted compositions as well as a worthy cover of Leonard Cohen's iconic Hallelujah.

Kelly is an effervescent and charismatic live performer and this recording is faithful to her remarkable vocal style which moves easily from gritty-edged blues to rootsy, melodic folk and smoky, sultry jazz.
Kylie Flemming, Adelaide Matters

  1. stronger wiserLyrics - stronger wiser Music Sample - stronger wiser
  2. fly in a webLyrics - fly in a web Music Sample - fly in a web
  3. world of mineLyrics - world of mine Music Sample - world of mine
  4. and we dancedLyrics - and we danced Music Sample - and we danced
  5. don’t stop dreamingLyrics - don’t stop dreaming Music Sample - don’t stop dreaming
  6. wanna be with youLyrics - wanna be with you Music Sample - wanna be with you
  7. spanish harlotLyrics - spanish harlot Music Sample - spanish harlot
  8. precious stoneLyrics - precious stone Music Sample - precious stone
  9. life is a liquidLyrics - life is a liquid Music Sample - life is a liquid
  10. small town syndromeLyrics - small town syndrome Music Sample - small town syndrome
  11. out of hereLyrics - out of here Music Sample - out of here
  12. hallelujahLyrics - hallelujah Music Sample - hallelujah
stronger wiser
fly in a web
world of mine
and we danced
don’t stop dreaming
wanna be with you
spanish harlot
precious stone
life is a liquid
small town syndrome
out of here
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"Kelly has a rare ability to transcend the performer/audience divide and really connect with her audience."

Melissa Phillips, Messenger Community News

"Although just emerging as a songwriter, Kelly already has a swag of songs that entertain as well as engaging the hearts and minds of audiences."

Rob Childs, President of SCALA

"what a great voice... world class... powerhouse vocals."

Quentin Eyers, Q the Music

"The lush quality of her smoky vocals and unique lyrics, combined with her enthusiastic and effervescent personality have seen her strike a chord with audiences everywhere."

Suzie Keen, The Independent Weekly

"Kelly has a great songwriting skill and will only get better."

Emily Davis, musician

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