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Summer at the Bay Feb 20th

Pile the kids, nannas, poppas, neighbours and anyone else you can fit in the car and come on down to the Bay Bar & Bistro for a refreshing beverage and some relaxed tunes as I perform solo from 2-6pm. See you there!

Posted by Kelly on January 24 2011
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Two weddings and a funeral

recently i had performances at 2 weddings and a funeral - all in the same week. when i perform at weddings its not uncommon for me to have other young couples who have their big day approaching to see if i am available for their big day... but recently i also performed for a Riverland friend's funeral and i was surprised at the number of people who came over to me afterwards and told me that they want me to perform at their funerals!

At my best mate's wedding up in Noosa a year ago i also had her hilarious grandmother approach me... earlier in the night she had arranged with my sister to be her bridesmaid at her wedding but she also booked me in for her funeral - tee heee! she wants me to perform "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers but told me i'll have to be flexible with the date as she doesn't know when its going to be yet!

Posted by Kelly on January 24 2011

Summer at the Bay Feb 6th

Was such a great show, loved playing to you all.

Posted by Kelly on January 13 2011
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Summer at the Bay

Gather the kids, the nannas and poppas and bring them all down to The Bay Bar & Bistro to join me for a refreshing ale and some relaxing tunes on Sunday the 23rd of January. See you there!

Posted by Kelly on January 09 2011
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The Alley Cat Bar

Also performing, Stu Orchard (WA).

Posted by Kelly on January 05 2011
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