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World Of Mine now available at Mr V Music

Just a quickie the Adelaide folk.... my Album is now available for purchase at Mr V Music!

Posted by Kelly on February 01 2011
"World of Mine" album (released 2010)  

World of Mine uploaded

Full versions of my songs "World of Mine" and "And we danced" have been uploaded onto my myspace page! Head to the site for a listen....

Posted by Kelly on November 08 2010
"World of Mine" album (released 2010)  

my debut album is complete!

I'm very pleased to tell you all that I have finally finished my debut album, "World of Mine" and i have it in my hot little hands! It's an extremely surreal feeling to have it finished and for the first couple days I had an irregular heartbeat as a result of the excitement. I hope you enjoy it!!

For the short term my album will be available for purchase at gigs for $25 and within the not too distant future I will have a PayPal account on my website for internet sales. I have also had some very generous businesses offer to sell my CDs for me so I'll let you know the list of these in my next newsletter incase its more convenient.

For the itunes fans I also plan to have my songs available for download by mid to late December - I'll keep you posted on that.

While I'm on this topic I'd also like to thank everyone involved for helping me make this album a reality....the list of those involved is huge so i won't go into detail but you know who you are... smile ta.

Posted by Kelly on November 05 2010
"World of Mine" album (released 2010)  

Stronger Wiser success

I discovered today that my song "Stronger Wiser" has been shortlisted into the top 25 of the Australian Songwriting Competition! Considering the song had only been roughly mixed at the time of entering it into the competition i'm pretty happy wtih the outcome! Stronger Wiser was written for the community where I grew up, the Riverland, who were at the time of writing the song feeling the pressures of the drought. I drew from my family's experience (4 generations worth) to write this song and try to help those who were battling with mental health issues as a consequence of the drought and financal strain. I'm really chuffed to be acknowledged for this one!

Posted by Kelly on October 15 2010
"World of Mine" album (released 2010)  

2010 SCALA FOOM competition

I recently made my way to the live finals and awards night for the SCALA FOOM Festival (Songwriters, Composers And Lyrisists Association Festival Of Original Music... what a mouthful!) smile

I had more than my fair share of success taking out the gong in both the Live and Lyrics section with "World of Mine" and "Heal the Wounds" respectively, runner up in the Studio Section with a roughly mixed version of "Stronger Wiser", overall winner of the Star Achievement Award and winner of the People’s Choice Award as voted by the live audience on the night of the Live Final and Awards night. I was overwhelmed with the praise from peers and judges and not having prepared a speech I found myself lost for words by the end of the night!

Posted by Kelly on September 12 2010
"World of Mine" album (released 2010)  

Mixing and Mastering of the album - tick!

It might be Friday the 13th today but I'm feeling pretty lucky.

A few days ago Anthony Stewart from Red Brick Music and myself finally finished the mixing of the album! Wow what a feeling it was to drive home with my finished songs playing in the CD player of my car. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Anthony, not only is he a top bloke but he is extremely professional, knowledgeable and very humble... ta Anthony!

Not realising if/how we could make the music sound any better I went into the studios at Disk-Edits yesterday where the master of mastering, Neville Clark, polished my tunes and took them to an audible level I never knew possible! Having worked with high profile groups like The Hilltop Hoods, The Audreys and Peter Coombe (among 1000's of others!) I felt blessed to have him work on my tunes.

I feel extremely lucky to have been in the capable hands of both Anthony and Neville for the making of this album, big thanks to them both for helping out!

Posted by Kelly on August 13 2010
"World of Mine" album (released 2010)  


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